Best of the Blogs: Front Row Seats

Progress Florida Education Center’s Best of the Blogs for the week ending 7-4-14
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The Continued Push for LGBT Rights in the South and Beyond
By Daniel Tilley
Blog Of Rights
By now it is cliché to observe that the advancements in equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in the past decade or so have been simply astounding.

Why Small County Math Adds up for Democrats in 2014
By Dr. Rachel Sutz Pienta
The Florida Squeeze
The annual fundraising event formerly known as the Florida Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner, now re-branded as Leadership Blue, was this past Saturday night.

Rick Scott’s Flip Flop Circus
By Independent Thinker
Whether you plan to support Crist or Rich in the Democratic primary upcoming (as an “indie” I have to sit it out – sorry!) you have to be less than tolerantly amused by how often Rick Scott’s manic supporters make an issue of Crist “flip flopping”.

A Bitter Pill
By Mustang Bobby
Bark Bark Woof Woof
The consensus among the commetariat about yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on the Hobby Lobby case seems to be a collective “Well, it could have been worse.”

What Every Governor Really Believes About Climate Change, In One Handy Map
By Tiffany Germain and Ryan Koronowski
Think Progress
With all the recent talk at the federal level about the EPA’s proposed carbon regulations for new and existing power plants, it’s easy to forget about the executives that have front row seats to cutting American carbon pollution.