Best of the Blogs: Doghouse Democrats

Progress Florida Education Institute’s Best of the Blogs for the week ending 2-7-14
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By Gimleteye
Eye On Miami
House Bill 703 was filed in Tallahassee last week by Rep Jimmy Patronis of Panama City. 
By Kartik Krishnaiyer
The Florida Squeeze
Once upon a time Florida’s Legislature was an effective body and the State House was largely progressive.
By Danny Turkel
Blog Of Rights
On Monday of this week, the Florida Supreme Court approved the ballot language for a proposed ballot initiative that would allow patients to legally obtain marijuana.
By Mustang Bobby
Bark Bark Woof Woof
The release of the Congressional Budget Report’s forecast on the budget deficit and the impact of Obamacare is a perfect microcosm of why a lot of people in the news business in Washington are derided as idiots, stooges, and lazy by unpaid bloggers like me.
By Martha Jackovics
Beach Peanuts
I guess it’s no wonder that Rick Scott is dodging, rather than answering the minimum wage question now, considering his last “cringe-worthy” attempt, which was.