Best of the Blogs: Boiled Down

Progress Florida Education Center’s Best of the Blogs for the week ending 6-14-13
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Gov. Rick Scott plumbs the depths of insider dealing at the water management district
By Gimleteye
Eye on Miami
What Rick Scott, the health care business tycoon, knew about Florida’s environment before buying his way to the governor’s mansion boiled down to what he could see from the window of his private jet.

Countering Terrence McCoy’s 5 reasons why Charlie Crist will not run for governor
By Peter Schorsch
Saint Petersblog
If you were given license to rummage through the desk of a reporter working the Florida politics beat, inevitably you would find an already-in-the-can column offering “Five Reasons…” why Charlie Crist should run for governor, why he shouldn’t run for governor, why he won’t run for governor, why he prefers grouper sandwiches to hamburgers, etc., etc.

Ideology and Partisanship define Bondi’s thinking
By Kartik Krishnaiyer
The Political Squeeze
This week Attorney General Pam Bondi furthered her right-wing credentials by becoming one of the few Attorney’s General in either political party who failed to back comprehensive immigration reform.

Allen West Blames The Military’s Sexual Assault Crisis On Women Serving In Combat Roles
By Kumar Ramanathan
Think Progress
On Michael Savage’s radio show Savage Nation on Thursday, Fox News host and former Florida congressman Allen West blamed women being allowed in combat roles in the military for the ongoing controversy over sexual assault in the force, and alleged that “an assault against the United States military” is underway.

Run For the Border
By Mustang Bobby
Bark Bark Woof Woof
I have always thought that immigration reform in the present Congress didn’t have much of a chance of passing, and this story pretty much confirms that.