Best Of The Blogs: Bad Business

Progress Florida Education Center’s Best of the Blogs for the week ending 4-26-13
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Who opposes the Florida nuclear tax? Florida seniors!
By Sara Barczak
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Did you know that, according to a recent poll by the Florida AARP of its members (see page 3), a majority of seniors agreed that raising electric rates for new nuclear reactor proposals that may never be completed is bad business?

Paid Sick Leave: A Reform that Makes Sense
By Laura Reyes
Paid sick leave would help millions of American families, would reduce the high cost of health care and would eliminate an unnecessary drag on our country’s economic recovery.

Has Jeb Bush’s Foundation Created a Faux Parents Group to Support Parent Trigger?
By Bob Sikes
Scathing Purple Musings
Scathing Purple Musings discovered last August that Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Florida’s Future (FFF) had created a petition to support its efforts to pass Parent Trigger.

Will House Democrats Stick Together In Final Weeks of Session?
By Kartik Krishnaiyer
The Florida Squeeze
As we enter the home stretch of the legislative session concerns are abound about the cohesion and discipline of the House Democratic Caucus.

What The Frack Are Scott And The Legislature Thinking….Or Drinking?
By Martha Jackovics
Beach Peanuts
Today Rick Scott added Illinois to the list of states he’s trying to lure businesses from, by sending out letters filled with flowery optimism to business owners in the Land Of Lincoln.