Progress Florida & Florida Watch Statements on the Build Back Better Act Framework

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October 29, 2021

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TALLAHASSEE -- Yesterday, President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats announced they had reached agreement on a framework for the Build Back Better Act.

In response, Progress Florida Executive Director Mark Ferrulo and Florida Watch Executive Director Josh Weierbach issue the following statements:

"The most daunting, heart-rending, stress inducing problems millions of Floridians grapple with every day are the same challenges the Build Back Better framework tackles head on with historic, game-changing new policies and investment,” said Progress Florida Executive Director Mark Ferrulo. "From keeping an affordable roof over our heads and access to a doctor when we’re sick, to safe, quality childcare and in-home help for our aging parents, the Build Back Better framework represents a monumental advancement in improving lives. We are proud to support this great plan for the people of Florida and commend President Biden and Congressional Democrats for their leadership and understanding that we all do better, when we all do better."

“The Build Back Better Act framework will be life-changing for millions of Floridians by cutting healthcare costs across the board,” said Florida Watch Executive Director Josh Weierbach. “While Florida Republicans have refused to expand access to Medicaid, President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress will close the coverage gap for hundreds of thousands of Floridians by expanding tax credits for the Affordable Care Act, cut premiums for many who already have private insurance, and extend coverage for hearing benefits to millions of seniors on Medicare in the state. Democrats and President Joe Biden are delivering on the issues that matter to all Floridians!”