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Governor Ron DeSantis to Speak at Right-Wing Event Organized by His Billionaire Campaign Donor

The Job Creators Network was co-founded by billionaire Trump & DeSantis donor Bernie Marcus

September 23, 2021

Contact: Anders Croy / 850-294-7070 /

TALLAHASSEE -- Today, Governor Ron DeSantis will be the keynote speaker at an event in Tampa being hosted by the Job Creators Network. While this organization states it works on behalf of small businesses, the reality is that it is a right-wing astroturf organization with numerous ties to billionaire donors to Donald Trump, including the Mercer family, that works to keep taxes low and wages for workers lower for the largest corporations in America. One of the co-founders of the Job Creators Network is the billionaire founder of Home Depot Bernie Marcus, a multi-million dollar Trump donor who has given $500,000 to Governor DeSantis’ political committee.

"Once again, Governor Ron DeSantis is at the beck and call of one of his ultra wealthy donors instead of working on behalf of everyday Floridians,” said Progress Florida Executive Director Mark Ferrulo. "Just yesterday, the state’s own Insurance Commissioner warned of massive rate hikes for property insurance but rather than addressing any of the crises affecting the state he was elected to govern, Ron DeSantis is busy doing favors for a billionaire who could fund his presidential campaign."

Before the Governor speaks, there will also be a panel discussion featuring right-wing extremist radio host Mike Gallagher, who has in the past trafficked in islamophobia and once advocated for detention camps for those who disagreed with him politically, as well as tax attorney and advisor to the ultra-wealthy Rebecca Walser, who recently blasted the new enhanced Child Tax Credit for working families as the government giving parents “money for nothing.”

“Governor Ron DeSantis continues to prove that you truly are the company you keep,” said Florida Watch Executive Director Josh Weierbach. “Whether it is anti-vaxxers, right wing demagogues, or those who denigrate working families, Florida’s Governor will associate himself with anyone he believes can help him appeal to the most extreme portions of the Republican base that could further his ambition to abandon our state in a run for president.”