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Progress Florida & Florida Watch launch to highlight the Senator’s failures

Meanwhile, Marco Rubio continues to neglect Florida with campaign stop in Iowa

August 30, 2021

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TALLAHASSEE -- Today, Senator Marco Rubio makes a stop in Iowa for a presidential campaign in 2024 whose only constituency seems to be the Senator himself and his paid consultants. This marks another example of Marco Rubio running away from doing his job in order to advance his own personal political ambitions at the expense of the people of Florida and at a time when our state is in crisis. 

While he is in Iowa today, the problem for Floridians has been that when Senator Rubio does decide to show up for his job, he consistently votes against their interests. In the last five years alone, Rubio has voted to give massive tax cuts to the wealthiest corporations in America, to repeal Obamacare and strip health care access from millions of Floridians, and for a budget amendment that would have slashed hundreds of millions of dollars from Social Security and Medicare. He also voted to deny Floridians much needed stimulus checks, against the expanded child tax credit, in opposition to expanded wages and benefits, and against the bipartisan infrastructure bill that would create thousands of good paying jobs in our state.

To highlight his continued failure as a career politician, Progress Florida and Florida Watch have launched and this new video. This website and video will provide Floridians with details of how he has worked against their interests, when he’s decided to go to work at all.

"Rubio voted to cut taxes for the wealthiest corporations and to strip health care access from millions of Floridians,” said Progress Florida Executive Director Mark Ferrulo. "In recent months, Rubio has voted to deny Floridians much needed stimulus checks, against the expanded child tax credit, and he was a 'no' vote on critical infrastructure needs and the thousands of good paying jobs that will go with it."

“Marco Rubio is an empty suit whose moral compass shifts with the winds of whichever presidential primary state he happens to be in that day,” said Florida Watch Executive Director Josh Weierbach. “Floridians deserve a Senator who won’t run away from their job, not someone who only shows up for work to vote against making their lives better.”

“In 2016, Iowans saw through Marco Rubio for the fraud he is and we were hopeful we wouldn’t have to see him step foot in our state again,” said Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic. “Once again, we are happy to give him a roadmap back to the state he’s from and hope that this time he’ll finally get the message.”