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New Poll: 74% of Florida Voters Prefer Prefer Accuracy Over Speed in Election Results

Secure Democracy today released the results of a statewide survey of Florida voters conducted by the Tyson Group. An overwhelming 74% of voters indicated they would prefer to have accurate election results rather than a winner on election night.

This support was bipartisan, with 86% of Democrats and 60% of Republicans indicating it was more important to make sure every vote is counted, even if it takes a few days to announce a winner.

“This survey makes it clear that elections officials and policymakers should feel empowered and obligated to count every vote, and that media outlets should report accordingly,” said Sarah Walker, director of state and federal affairs for Secure Democracy. “Getting this right is worth the wait, and voters overwhelmingly want to see votes counted accurately and fully accounted for before a final call is made.”

Due to coronavirus and health concerns, more people will be voting absentee than ever before. It takes election officials longer to verify and count absentee ballots than votes cast by electronic voting machines because they need extra time to double check that those ballots have been verified and counted before announcing a result.

“The military defends American values through tremendous sacrifice. What they ask in return is modest: To be able to participate in the democratic process we take for granted,” said Alexander Babcock, a U.S. Army veteran and resident of Sanford, Fla. “Mail-in ballots make that possible, and a few extra days of patience to ensure those ballots are counted isn’t too much to ask. It’s the least we can do.”

Only a small number (30%) of Florida voters believe all of the votes will be counted on election night. Additionally, a 63% majority of voters found it understandable that officials may take longer to finish counting ballots.

Read other key findings of the survey of Florida voters here. 


Secure Democracy is a nonpartisan organization that works to educate policymakers and the public about secure and fair elections. By collaborating with state leaders, election administrators, election security experts the organization helps to ensure that all eligible citizens have the freedom to vote and the confidence to know that their vote is counted.