Our Statement On Gov. Scott's Budget Deal

June 2, 2017 

Contact: Damien Filer / 850-212-1858 / Damien@ProgressFlorida.org 

ST. PETERSBURG – Below is a statement from Progress Florida Executive Director Mark Ferrulo on Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to sign most of the legislature's proposed budget into law:

“Once again Gov. Scott and leaders in the legislature have given us a budget that rewards their corporate backers at the expense of hardworking Floridians who can least afford it. 

“This is a budget that continues to perpetuate a Florida that only works for a privileged few and not for all. This budget rewards the wealthy and well-connected with more unneeded tax giveaways while simultaneously shortchanging our public schools, cutting health care for children, seniors, and hardworking families, and completely ignoring the will of the voters to protect our precious natural resources. On top of that, this budget was assembled in secret, at the last minute, and with little debate or discussion in one of the least transparent budget processes in recent memory. If a budget is a statement of our values, then this budget is a gross showcase of the warped, twisted, and irresponsible priorities of Gov. Scott, Speaker Corcoran, President Negron and legislative leadership.

“Floridians deserve a budget that builds a Florida for all Floridians, not just a privileged few. Our state budget should end corporate tax giveaways, make significant investments in our neighborhood public schools, fund quality health care coverage, guard against irresponsible and unnecessary cuts to Medicaid, and follow the will of Florida voters in funding land and water conservation.”


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