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By Damien Filer - February 17, 2021
"This isn’t a schoolyard game where you pick up your marbles and stomp away, Gov. DeSantis. Distributing these vaccines is about people’s lives and livelihoods, all the people in Florida."
By Amy Weintraub - January 27, 2021
Today, the Floridians for Reproductive Freedom coalition released a report outlining the failure and mismanagement of the Florida Pregnancy Support Services Program (FPSSP), while also shining a light on the Florida Pregnancy Care Network, the organization assigned to administer the program.
By Mark Ferrulo - January 15, 2021
Gov. DeSantis's top legislative priority going into the 2021 legislative session isn’t a jobs bill, it isn’t to improve our schools, or combat COVID, but to push legislation that would criminalize peaceful protests - House Bill 1 (it’s “1” for a reason.)