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By Amy Weintraub - January 27, 2021
Today, the Floridians for Reproductive Freedom coalition released a report outlining the failure and mismanagement of the Florida Pregnancy Support Services Program (FPSSP), while also shining a light on the Florida Pregnancy Care Network, the organization assigned to administer the program.
By Mark Ferrulo - January 15, 2021
Gov. DeSantis's top legislative priority going into the 2021 legislative session isn’t a jobs bill, it isn’t to improve our schools, or combat COVID, but to push legislation that would criminalize peaceful protests - House Bill 1 (it’s “1” for a reason.)
By Mark Ferrulo - December 11, 2020
Florida's COVID-19 infection rates continue to rise with more than one million confirmed infections and more than 19,000 dead in Florida since February due in no small part to the failed leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis.