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By Mark Ferrulo - May 12, 2021
Near midnight on April 19, with no cameras around or staged fanfare, he signed into law a new tax that will cost Florida consumers an estimated $1 billion a year. And instead of using this new revenue to help Floridians get health care coverage, build affordable housing, cleanup polluted waterways, or improve neighborhood schools, DeSantis' new law uses the new taxes we will all now pay to cut taxes for wealthy corporations.
By Mark Ferrulo - April 29, 2021
Florida’s Republican led state Legislature, backed by powerful electric utility companies, recently passed SB 1128 and HB 919 that would block local progress on clean energy production.
By Damien Filer - April 28, 2021
As Trelvis Randolph, General Counsel for the Miami-Dade NAACP, puts it: “By passing JNC reforms we can be assured Florida’s judiciary will reflect our diverse state and be free from the undue influence of partisan politics and special-interest money — with access to justice for all.”