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By Ray Seaman - September 23, 2021
Today, Governor Ron DeSantis will be the keynote speaker at an event in Tampa being hosted by the Job Creators Network. While this organization states it works on behalf of small businesses, the reality is that it is a right-wing astroturf organization with numerous ties to billionaire donors to Donald Trump, including the Mercer family, that works to keep taxes low and wages for workers lower for the largest corporations in America.
By Mark Ferrulo - September 2, 2021
Senator Rubio has been in office for more than a decade now, but based on his voting record in Washington, it’s unclear what he’s actually done for Floridians.
By Damien Filer - August 30, 2021
Today, Senator Marco Rubio makes a stop in Iowa for a presidential campaign in 2024 whose only constituency seems to be the Senator himself and his paid consultants. This marks another example of Marco Rubio running away from doing his job in order to advance his own personal political ambitions at the expense of the people of Florida and at a time when our state is in crisis.