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Fight the Roads to Ruin toll roads plan at the Capitol

By Mark Ferrulo - December 4, 2019

Florida faces one of the most environmentally disastrous proposals in decades. Earlier this year, the legislature passed, and Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law, a bill to fast-track three major new toll roads that will destroy large swaths of Florida’s remaining rural lands, pollute waterways, increase global warming pollution, and threaten endangered wildlife, including the iconic manatee and Florida panther.

It’s going to take a grassroots coalition of Floridians from across the state to stop this corporate special interest-driven disaster. That’s why we’re proud to be a part of the newly-formed No Roads To Ruin Coalition!

Join us Thursday, December 5th at 11:30am in Tallahassee at the Capitol Building Rotunda, plaza level, for a press conference announcing the launch of the No Roads To Ruin Coalition opposing Florida’s disastrous toll roads boondoggle.

Read our earlier action alert to learn more about the Roads to Ruin.

With so many immediate and pressing social, economic, and infrastructure priorities, our state legislative leadership and governor should be investing in ways to ensure a healthier environment and brighter future for all Floridians, rather than spending upwards of $20 billion dollars on these “Roads to Ruin” championed by big developers and the Asphalt Industrial Complex.

I hope you can join us Thursday at the Capitol as we launch the No Roads To Ruin Coalition and continue to build grassroots momentum to fight for the Florida we love.