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In Florida, you can vote in your pajamas

By Mark Ferrulo - September 20, 2018

The critically important 2018 election will shape the direction of our state for years to come. For progressive Floridians, voting has never been more important…or easier.

That’s why we’re sharing a great resource for progressive voters so you can easily submit your ballot by mail. This convenient online tool allows registered voters to sign up to cast their ballot from the comfort of their own home in a few simple steps.

Click here to visit and register to vote by mail. Vote from the convenience of your own home, pajamas or not.

This year’s ballot includes critical federal, state and local races, and numerous proposed constitutional amendments and local initiatives. Voting by mail means you’ll have plenty of time to research all of the races and amendments.

Our online tool makes it easy to request a mail-in ballot from your county’s Supervisor of Elections and complete your ballot from home. The deadline to register to vote for the general election is October 9th, and our suggested deadline to register to vote by mail is October 17th. Click here to request a mail-in ballot today!

PS - Want to make a bigger impact? Share this message with your progressive friends and family to share this handy vote by mail registration tool and grow the ranks of progressive voters casting their ballots from home this election.