Exciting news if you care about abortion rights

By Mark Ferrulo - March 9, 2018

Amy Weintraub, advocating for women’s rights.

Rick Scott and his allies in the legislature are escalating their attacks on abortion rights and reproductive freedom. In response, we’re ramping up our efforts to not only protect - but expand - these rights and freedoms for all Floridians.

It is my pleasure to announce that Amy Weintraub has joined the Progress Florida team as our Reproductive Rights Program Director. Amy will build up a full-time reproductive rights program here at Progress Florida to educate and engage thousands of Floridians on this critical issue, hold the opposition accountable, and promote a proactive policy agenda to increase access to care for Florida women. This critical fight is heating up and we’ll only be successful if you’re in this with us.

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A seasoned organizer, Amy has worked for most of her adult life identifying, educating, and activating citizens toward social justice. Most recently Amy launched the statewide Action Team on Reproductive Health and Justice for the League of Women Voters of Florida and has represented the League in the statewide coalition, Floridians for Reproductive Freedom (FRF). She also was a key leader in the 2017 Women’s March St. Petersburg which saw more than 25,000 marchers gather in solidarity - the largest public protest in St. Petersburg history.

Amy will work full-time growing Progress Florida’s statewide network, as well as the size and power of the FRF coalition. Developing and promoting a proactive reproductive health policy agenda to increase access to care for Florida women will be a constant goal. She will work to ensure that reproductive rights are never sidelined or marginalized. Further, initiatives to hold anti-abortion leaders and institutions accountable will be a top priority. Progress Florida will continue to shine the public spotlight on the opposition’s efforts to shame women and put extremist ideology ahead of science, access to health care, and the best interests of patients.

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Will you support our efforts by getting involved? We need people from all over Florida to watchdog local opposition, submit letters to the editor and be ready to contact elected officials when reproductive health policy is being considered. Please send an email to Amy at amy@progressflordia.org if you are ready to turn your advocacy on this issue up a notch.

Thanks for all you do to advance reproductive freedom.