Announcing Florida's 2013 Middle Class Champions

By Ray Seaman - June 11, 2013

Progress Florida, Florida Watch Action, and America Votes announced our 2013 Middle Class Champions today. After scoring 16 key floor votes, 18 legislators emerged as champions by voting 100% with the priorities of Florida's hard working middle class families. Check it all out (including who made the list in 2011 and 2012) on our website,

Here's the email we sent out this morning:


Florida has the wrong leaders with the wrong priorities, leaders who routinely let obscene amounts of corporate campaign cash drown out the voices of hard working, middle class Floridians. But there are those legislators who, instead of selling out our state to the highest bidders, decide to stand up and fight back.

Meet Florida's 2013 Middle Class Champions and send them a thank you email for standing up for middle class Floridians.

We've joined with Florida Watch Action and America Votes in recognizing 18 members of the Florida Legislature as "Champions of Florida’s Middle Class" for their unwavering support on behalf of Florida’s working families. During the 2013 legislative session, these 18 lawmakers voted 100% to protect and expand the middle class.

Florida's Middle Class Champions promoted a range of issues from protecting jobs, to expanding health care access, to ethics reform and more – while opposing the anti-public school parent trigger bill, attacks on women's health, attempts to strip away the rights of workers, and other ill-conceived, extremist bills.

Check out Florida's 2013 Middle Class Champions and be sure to thank them for their efforts.

These legislators are being recognized because they unequivocally stood up for middle class families despite pressure from Gov. Scott and legislative leaders whose narrow ideological agenda is driven by corporate campaign donors like the big utilities, Wall Street bankers, insurance companies, and others.

As we continue the fight to protect and expand Florida's middle class, we should take time to thank these legislators who are courageously standing and fighting with us.

For progress,

Mark, Ray, Jon and the rest of the Progress Florida team