Celebrating Our 5th Anniversary

By Ray Seaman - May 31, 2013

Today we're celebrating our 5th anniversary, and to mark the occasion we're launching an interactive timeline of our big moments over the past five years. There's no question that we wouldn't be here without the tremendous support we've received from everyday Floridians throughout the state. Here's the email we sent out this morning:



We couldn’t have gotten here without you. Progress Florida is proudly celebrating the 5thanniversary of our fight to move Florida forward.

Check out the interactive timeline of what we’ve done together over the last five years, and donate to make the next five even better.


Working with our online network of more than 100,000 grassroots activists throughout the state, and our many allied organizations, we’ve helped strengthen Florida’s progressive movement in a big way. Together, we’ve successfully defeated a number of anti-middle class proposals, effectively mobilized voters against extremist right wing candidates, and ensured some of Florida’s worst abusers of the public trust were held accountable.

But make no mistake, we’re not just patting ourselves on the back today. Our 5thanniversary is also an opportunity to assess where progress still desperately needs to be made. Too many Floridians have been forced out of the middle class by misguided, heavily flawed policies driven by Tea Party ideology and corporate special interests. Our children deserve a real and lasting investment in their education. All Floridians deserve a right to health care because no one should go bankrupt simply because they get sick. Unchecked developers and the threat of climate change are putting our precious land and water resources at risk more than ever before. And we can’t stop being vigilant when it comes to our civil rights, particularly voting rights.

See what we’ve been able to do together the last five years, then donate and help us gear up for the next five.

The next five years, like the previous five, are filled with opportunity.  One thing we’re especially proud of is that Progress Florida has been able to stay focused and keep our movement pushing forward in both good times and tough times.

We're glad you’ve been with us for all or part of the last five years, and we hope you’ll join us for the next five.

For progress,

Mark, Damien, Ray, and Jon
The Progress Florida team